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Cập nhật bộ đề tủ PTE fill in blanks mới nhất giúp bạn ôn luyện hiệu quả

by Trần Kim Thanh
pte fill in blanks

Bài PTE fill in blanks được xem là phần thi khó trong bài thi PTE. Tuy vậy, các bạn không cần quá lo lắng, hôm nay PTE UNI sẽ bật mí đến các bạn bộ đề tủ mới nhất được lấy từ ngân hàng đề thi thật của pearson mới cập nhật. Hãy chú ý ôn luyện để làm bài thi với kết quả tốt nhất nhé!

đề tủ thi pte fill in blanks

Gợi ý đề tủ thi PTE fill in blanks

Reading 1 – Đề tủ PTE fill in blanks

Formed two million years ago when low-density salt was pushed up through the much harder materials surrounding it, the Cardona Salt Mountain is one of the largest domes of its kind in the world, and unique in Europe. While small amounts of other minerals pervade the savory hill, the salt pile would have a near translucent quality if not for the thin layer of reddish clay coating the exterior. The (1)__introduction/vibration/significance/maintenance__ of the mountain was recognized as early as the middle ages when Romans began exploiting the mountain for its salt, which began to bolster the young Cardonian (2)__trend/corresponding/accordance/economy__. With the invention of industrial mining techniques, a mine was built into the side of the mountain and a thriving facility formed at its base as excavators dragged enormous amounts of potash (water-soluble) salt from the innards of the hill. In addition to the mineral export, the locals of Cardona began making salt sculptures to sell and invented a number of hard, salty pastries unique to the area.

Đề tủ PTE fill in blanks – Reading 2

At the end of the colonial era, as many new nations gained independence, relative levels of economic development became an important criterion by which to distinguish between countries. The former colonial powers and (1)__bigger/wealthier/northern/older__ parts of the world generally became known as advanced industrial, or developed, countries, (2)__despite/although/while/unfortunately__ former colonies and poorer nations became known as less developed, or more positively, developing countries. Critics of the (3)__major/huge/vital/uneven__ distribution of wealth across the globe highlighted the role which wealth creation in some places had played in impoverishing poorer nations and, rather, described them as actively underdeveloped. The question as to (4)__when/what/which/whether__ economic change is developing (5)__or/but/so/yet__ under developing countries remains a vital issue, as the debate over sweatshops highlights.

Đề tủ PTE fill in blanks – Reading 3

The modern research ship takes its origins from the early exploration voyages such as HMS Endeavour and HMS Challenger, both of which were converted vessels, fitted with a range of research facilities to sample and measure across a range of disciplines in extreme environments. Early research vessels were fairly basic and simplistic compared to the start of the art ships we see being developed today. As time went on, the trend of converting other vessels into research ships were (1)__challenged/was challenged/was a challenge/will have been challenged__ by the challenging demands of investigating increasingly complex areas of oceanographic research, such as physical, biological and chemical oceanography; marine geology and geophysics; ocean engineering and atmospheric science in one expedition. In order to carry (2)__of/over/through/out__ multi-disciplinary research in extreme environments, specially designed research vessels became a requirement. Research ships are the primary source of oceanographic observations and will have (3)__remained/will remain/remaining/remains__ so for the foreseeable future. As time (4)__moves/disappears/goes on/flies away__, science is likely to be conducted in increasingly remote and environmentally challenging areas, including the polar seas, so the ability to operate with minimal interruptions from the natural elements remains unchanged from the days of the Challenger Expedition.

Bộ đề tủ PTE fill in blanks – Reading 4

Crime is an integral part of everyday life. It is a prominent (1)__quality/feature/reason/point__ in the news and is a popular subject for fictional portrayal. Most students commencing legal studies will have some (2)__information/deeds/experience/characteristics__ of crime, whether directly, as a victim of crime or indirectly through exposure to media coverage. This means that most offences (3)__covered/displayed/demonstrated/shown__ on the syllabus, such as murder, theft and rape will be familiar terms. This tends to give students the impression that they know more about criminal law than they do about other subjects on the syllabus. This can be a real disadvantage (4)__because of/in spite of/in order that/in terms of__ the academic study of criminal law because it tends to lead students to rely on preconceived (5)__identifications/notions/denotations/goods__ of the nature and scope of the offences and to reach instinctive, but often legally inaccurate, conclusions. It is absolutely (6)__dissatisfied/certain/essential/true__ to success in criminal law that you put aside any prior knowledge of the offences and focus on the principles of law derived from statutes and cases. (7)__So/By/Just/While__ doing this, you appreciate just how much difference there is between everyday conceptions of crime and its actuality.

Đề tủ PTE fill in blanks – Reading 5

I do not think I am twisting the usual meaning of drama if I define it as a presentation before spectators by performers who take on roles and who interact with each other to further a story or a text intended for such presentations. This is intended as a (1)__using/applying/hanging/working__ definition simple enough to be recalled easily. Indeed, it is so simple that I should point out that it makes one or two (2)__implementations/comprehensions/distinctions/distributions__ that are perhaps not immediately obvious. First, to say that performers “take on roles” leaves (3)__undoubted/open/covered/go__ the possibility that they are not within the roles to other performances as such alternative phrases as “performers in character” or “characters represented by actors” do not. To say that the performers “interact with each other” might seem (4)__unabated/unnecessary/uneven/uncaring__, but is in fact important, for in traditional societies there are many performances in which different characters appear successively and simultaneously but, (5)__subsequently/nevertheless/accordingly/timely__, do not interact. And I say “to further a story” because a progression of the story may not provide the structure of the performance.

Đáp án chính xác cho từng phần

Reading 1

  1. significance
  2. economy

Reading 2

  1. wealthier
  2. while
  3. uneven
  4. whether
  5. or

Reading 3

  1. was challenged
  2. out
  3. will remain
  4. goes on

Reading 4

  1. feature
  2. experience
  3. covered
  4. in terms of
  5. notions
  6. essential
  7. by

Reading 5

  1. working
  2. distinctions
  3. open
  4. unnecessary
  5. nevertheless

Các câu hỏi thường gặp trong phần thi PTE fill in blanks

Để giúp các học viên ôn luyện bài thi PTE fill in blanks hiệu quả, chúng ta hãy cùng giải đáp một số thắc mắc thường gặp sau đây.

câu hỏi về fill in blanks

Một số câu hỏi thắc mắc về phần thi PTE fill in blanks

Cải thiện khả năng Reading PTE bằng cách nào?

Nếu muốn làm bài thi PTE reading fill in the blanks exercises hiệu quả nhất, các bạn cần thực hành liên tục với ít nhất 220 trong vòng 1 phút. Hãy sử dụng tài liệu là các bài báo ngắn khoảng 300 và tạo thói quen đọc bài thường xuyên mỗi khi rảnh rỗi.

Bài thi Reading Fill In The Blanks PTE có bao nhiêu câu hỏi?

Bài thi thường có 4 – 5 đoạn đọc, mỗi đoạn sẽ có từ 4 – 5 câu hỏi thí sinh cần trả lời. Như vậy thí sinh cần làm từ 16 – 25 câu hỏi trong bài thi. Những câu trả lời sai đều không bị trừ điểm vì thế các bạn hãy cố gắng hoàn thành tất cả các câu hỏi để tránh bỏ lỡ cơ hội ghi điểm.

Mẹo làm phần PTE fill in Blanks

Một số mẹo làm phần PTE fill in Blanks

Cần phải chú ý gì khi nhập câu trả lời PTE fill in blanks?

Ngoài việc ôn luyện phần Reading Fill In Blanks đề tủ các bạn cần chú ý điền đúng từng từ, số từ và đảm bảo tính chính xác về mặt chính trong câu trả lời. Ngoài ra, từ được dùng ở dạng số nhiều hay số ít cũng là vấn đề cần được quan tâm. Tránh tình trạng mất điểm oan vì những nhầm lẫn đáng tiếc.

  • Repeat Sentence là phần thi gì ? tìm hiểu thềm về Repeat Sentence

Lời kết dành cho thí sinh thi PTE

Đề tủ Reading Fill In Blanks được xem là trợ thủ đắc lực cho tất cả các thí sinh trong việc ôn luyện thi. Nhưng các bạn cũng nên sử dụng các bài thi thử của PTE tại https://pearsonpte.com/preparation/practice-tests/scored-practice-test/ để việc ôn luyện đạt hiệu quả hơn. Ngoài ra, việc luyện tập đề tủ PTE reading fill in the blanks trên phần mềm thi thử miễn phí PTE.TOOLS cũng là gợi ý rất đáng để các bạn tham khảo nếu muốn vượt qua bài thi một cách xuất sắc nhất.


Tôi mong muốn rằng có thể đồng hành cùng người Việt trẻ theo đuổi mục tiêu thành thạo tiếng Anh và hội nhập thành công thông qua chứng chỉ tiếng Anh quốc tế PTE.

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